Dorset Council has issued a Notice under Section 14 [2] of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 as amended. All vehicles will be prohibited from proceeding along Unnamed Road, Moor Crichel from the junction with Longmans Road to a point approximately 210 metres to the east. The Notice is needed in order to comply with health and safety regulations which require the provision of safe working areas and to minimise likelihood of danger to highway users. It will come into operation between 09:30 to 15:30 on 27th July 2020 and remain in force for five days, however it is anticipated that the works will be completed by 27th July 2020.

This Notice will enable BT safe access to install new customer connections within the highway.

The alternative vehicular route, which will be sign posted is indicated by the blue line on the map below.

For further information: about the work being undertaken call A-Plant Lux agents on behalf of BT on 03700 500 792, concerning this Notice call Dorset Highways Traffic Team on 01305 221020 cor email

Any person who uses or permits the use of a vehicle in contravention of the Notice will be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £1000.

Temporary closure of Unnamed Road, Moor Crichel July 2020
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