Gussage St Michael has asked if the Parish can join the Vale of Allen Parish Council group. By joining it would benefit all villages as the Vale Of Allen will cover a bigger area and have a slightly larger presence. However, each Ward has to consider and vote and we are therefore holding some special meetings to discuss the request. Please come along and find out more:

  • Hinton Ward – Thursday 11 October 7:30pm in Hinton Martell village hall
  • Gussage All Saints Ward – Friday 12 October 7:30 in GAS village hall
  • Crichel Ward – Tuesday 16 October 6:30pm in Witchampton village hall
  • Witchampton Ward – Tuesday 16 October 7:00pm in Witchampton village hall
Special meetings to consider ‘an application from Gussage St Michael Parish’ to join the group