Update (January 2022):

The current version of the precept spreadsheet can be downloaded:

Update (December 2021):

Dorset Council has provided the new Tax Base for 2022/23 which has now been included in the parish council’s Precept calculation for next year.

From the tax base information, the movement from last year (i.e. electorate changes for Council Tax purposes):

Crichel –                +6.1%

GAS –                     -1.8%

GSM –                    +1.8%

Hinton –                +1.9%

Witchampton – -0.2%

In the precept spreadsheet for 2022/23 table (section at the bottom) has been updated.

The Parish Council has agreed a draft budget for 2022/23 and its income is through a Precept levied by Dorset Council. This budget is limited to a 5% increase overall.

The table (below as a PDF, or downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet here) shows overall requirements but the actual amounts per Ward are awaiting Dorset Council’s ‘tax base’ detail. Once this has been received just before Christmas the bottom boxes will be updated accordingly.

Any comments etc, please contact the Parish Clerk

Closing date for consultation is 31 December 2021.

Draft Budget 2022/23
Updated: 2022/23 draft budget agreed
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